Monday, November 02, 2009


Mom fell on Saturday and was taken to the hospital she has several cuts on her face and shattered her right arm, this is worse than the Dr’s first though (this is the arm that she receives dialysis on) The Dr’s first said that she was going to have surgery as of this afternoon they said no they are going to keep her arm wrapped up. Mom is in a lot of pain and they are doing what they can to relieve it however they can only give her so much. Dad said last night was a rough night they gave her too much medication then had to reverse it. After that they had to reset moms arm. Mom had to have another dialysis catheter put into her chest this morning by this afternoon she was exhausted.

The Dr also said that the hospital is only a short term fix and that they needed to find somewhere that would be able to help out more long term. As of now mom will be staying at the Thatcher Brook Rehabilitation & care center 1795 Chelemes Way, Clearfield about 4 miles from Dad

It is so hard to watch mom go through this and know that we are all getting older. To know that I don’t have the balance that I once had. I talked to her today and sometimes a “French word” would slip out you would see her brows draw together and know that she was in so much pain and that I could only hold her hand and talk her through the pain. I wish I could take all her hurts away life is so precious.

I love you all I hope with this Christmas party we can start mending as a family

Love you

P.S. for all the grandkids and great grandkids Grandma loves get well cards

P.S.S If you can help out please call me for a food assignment


Katie Lee said...

thank you so much for the updates. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. Please give her hugs and kisses from all of us! We love you!

The Coonsters said...

We're coming to the Christmas Party, and I'm pretty sure all our kids are planning on being there (well except for Eli) Hope to see ya soon....

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